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Home of the Original Maeng Da™Bali Premium™
& the FOunders of the commercial Kratom Industry

Founder of the modern day Commercial Kratom IndustryVeranys Macraei Discovered by Duncan

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Learn how and why has lead the industry in quality products and innovations since we first introduced commercial Kratom to the world in 2001—Learn more here!

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Big things are happening this year at including all new consumer friendly site redesigns - both and Additionally, we’re adding a powerful new consumer loyalty-driven product discount program with huge savings opportunities. Plus, we’re introducing an all new 7-Tier Vendor “Partner” program and search engine. But perhaps, most exciting, is the launch of a ground breaking new product called Kratomade!™, along with our new farming and production efforts in Africa. So read-on, stay tuned and join us as we explore the exciting future of! 

Celebrating 20 Years as - Founder of Commercial Kratom

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Welcome to Home of the World's Finest Kratom Powders and Extracts

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Your timing couldn't be better. We're preparing to launch an all new 7-tiered vendor (VIP) partner program that'll change the Kratom industry in a big way. You're entering uncharted territory—so hang in there with us as you learn more about the future of Kratom—and welcome aboard!

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Welcome to—home of the Original Maeng Da and Bali Premium! For the past 20 years we've devoted most of our efforts toward our Vendors, Distributors and the latest innovations. Today, we're turning a new page with a focus on you, the consumer. Though our new website is still a work-in-progress, we hope you'll find the information both fresh and inviting. Product quality and consumer safety are our top priorities! You're welcome to shop here at (and anytime, and please, never hesitate to reach out with a question—we value every customer's needs!

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The market place is changing for the better. We're looking for highly motivated vendors. is taking a stance this year to make Kratom safer. We're seeking self-driven, passionate vendors who understand the value behind partnering with industry leaders who are striving to improve the market place. The future is here—think about it!

The real Maeng Da & Bali


Home of the Original Maeng Da & Bali Premium RAW Powders—same quality as always, guaranteed—period.

20 Years ago, we sent out the first commercial Kratom samples - today they're two of the world's top selling brand names; Maeng Da and Bali Premium. There are many imitators, but the original Maeng Da and Bali Premium will always be available here at

As an independent consumer, we realize that sometimes it difficult to find a retailer who takes small order customers seriously. Regardless of what your order is, or how large (or small) it is, we'll take care of you—as will any of our Vendors—guaranteed.

Quality is never compromised.

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25 fruity new flavors will be introduced to the market in 2021.

Since first introduced commercial Kratom to the U.S., UK and Canada, we've continued to forge the way in new Kratom innovations. Now it's your turn to shine as we unroll innovative consumer driven products designed around the future of Kratom.  Learn more!

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In 2021, extracts will change the market place. Join us, and we'll lead the way together.

In 2001, introduced commercial Kratom to the world. 10 years later, we changed the way Kratom extracts are developed. Since 2014, we've lead the way in extract innovations. Now, we're looking for brilliant vendors to grow the market to its full potential with us—the timing couldn't be better.

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Unsung hero

It was all this guy's fault that we started sending out Kratom samples 20 years ago, but that's a whole different story!

Learn about the history of commercial Kratom and how this little 'Blue Dragon Lizard' helped shape the way for a new industry—and potentially, one of the most significant mental and physical heath discoveries of the century.
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so pure they belong in an oyster.

We started investing in the science behind Kratom extracts over a decade ago knowing the future for Kratom would be in purifying Kratom. It’s taken us 10 years of experimenting in the LAB™ to perfect extracts. Our latest endeavors have landed us an extract that is as close to 100% as you can get. Extracted Kratom alkaloids offer all the magic of Kratom powders without the negative effects—learn more here. 

The world's finest and highest quality Mitragynine extracts come from

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As moves forward into a new model this 2021, we're looking for champions to help open new doors and guide the way for an industry that has the potential to change the world. There are opportunities for all—big or small—let's talk!
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A quick message from Duncan MacRae—founder of modern-day Commercial Kratom

It Takes a lot of Grit to Work in an Industry Like this. Above all else, it takes a genuine passion to do the right thing!

We started passing on free Kratom samples around the globe between 2001 and 2003. Our first two created “brands” are arguably the most recognized in the world; Maeng Da™ and Bali Premium™—they proved to be an instant success, by 2003/’04 Kratom started to appear on the Internet with a handful of vendors selling for us. 

After living in Indonesia for more than 35 years, and being involved in the ecological and exploration of the world's third largest island, we knew we were on to something quite unique, untapped and potentially huge. In 2001™ was formed. 

We quickly realized that sales support involved more than just providing fine products -- it meant standing behind them firmly, with a focus on exceptional customer service. From the very beginning, we chose to channel our efforts towards Vendors and like-minded industry partners. Additionally, we could see that extracts would eventually drive the future of Kratom sales—there had to be a better way to enjoy the benefits of Kratom without washing down a month full of powder.

In 2014, we produced the first 45% full spectrum extract—a big step forward. By 2015, the LAB™ was producing extracts at an 80% purity level. In 2019, we struck gold when the LAB successful cracked the 95% barrier with an extract that measures at 100% Mitragynine PURE (to be safe, we're good with saying it’s 99.9% PURE ;). 

Moving into the future, over the past 12 months, our LAB™ has humbly pioneered the first solvent-free; Salt-Based kratom extract that is soluble in drinks with a 3-4% Ph level. Good day for the world's commercial food and drink producers and, frankly, any of us who enjoys a simple cup of orange juice to start our day! The taste is refined considerably from the past solvent based extracts. The purity levels attained are 20% to 35% higher and the reaction time (as tested by users) is often under 10 minutes which is up to 20 minutes faster response rate than kratom powder and solvent based extracts of past years. 

 As the times have changed and the growth of Kratom suppliers and producers are running to keep pace with new customers, we hold fast to our earliest principles—taking care of the people we work with—and for.

Though we've made huge strides over the past 20 years at, our feelings are that we’re just barely scratching the surface of the potential within the Alkaloids found in Mitragynia Speciosa. Exciting times are just around the corner for all of us—including every facet in sales and the health and wellness market. We're looking forward to working with Kratom Vendors at all levels—we'll see ya around the next corner!

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Questions? Feel free to call us
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Yours Truly—here's to the future!
Duncan Macrae