Borneo’s biodiversity is nothing short of remarkable. 15,000 plant species can be found there. 400 new species have been found since 1994. 222 mammals live there, and 44 of those are endemic. In the last 20 years the orangutans have lost 90% of their habitat. Fifty percent of the lowland Borneo rain forest, which once covered all of the island up to 10,000 feet, is gone.It's the third-largest jungle in the world and the oldest rain forest on earth—twice as old as the Amazon.

Learn more at the Yale School of Environment


A jungle makes for a great backyard!

"It's been an amazing privilege to have had the oldest rain forest on the earth, Borneo, estimated to be 130 million years, as my back yard."

Duncan MacRae | CEO, Founder of™

There are still hunter-gatherers in the heart of the island who hunt with blowguns. Every day throughout the year begins and ends with the six o’clock cicadas sounding off, and the haunting hoot choruses of the gibbons, and the fantastic arias of the bulbuls, and a riotous biophony of insects rattling and stridulating, and birds singing their hearts out—it's beyond your wildest imagination.

You can learn more here at the Yale School fo Environment

Join us on a wild tour
through the jungles of Borneo

Headquarters to—you'll see why after we introduced the world to commercial kratom, we couldn't resist making this our home.

Wild Tour Through the Jungles of Borneo

The little fella, discovered and named
after Duncan Macrae, is the unspoken
hero behind this whole kratom craze!

The Veranus Macraei is among 44 (currently discovered) creatures that are endemic to only Borneo

Kratom Safety

The long-awaited discovery, and why it all maters so much

Until Kratom is fully understood and accepted as a potential natural health remedy, we'll continue to follow and enforce all regulations imposed around the handling and care of Mitragynia Speciosa—all with good reason. We believe Kratom holds a powerful key to the future of medicine. There are a lot of politics behind the arrival of this mysterious plant called Mitragynia Speciosa. There's plenty of controversy surrounding the FDA's decision to ear-mark Kratom as a potential danger, and perhaps even more controversy surrounding the power-house pharma-corporations who rightfully fear the arrival and acceptance of a naturally sourced remedy that's been claimed to provide energy and focus, but also relieve pain, stress, anxiety and even insomnia.

Deep Dive into the Science
Kratom Safety

How science in changing
the Kratom industry

Welcome to the LAB™

Where science meets nature—good things happen, introducing's SB-2™

The science behind Kratom continues to emerge with new and exciting discoveries each year. The LAB™ headquartered on the island of Borneo continues to push the envelope with the refinement of extracts, the latest being a proprietary innovation using a salt-base solution SB-2™ (free of harmful chemicals and solvents). The latest results with SB-2™ are yielding extract products that have a 25% to 35% higher purity rate than solvent based extracts. Because of the higher, cleaner purity achieved with SB™ extracts, the effective 'reaction time' reported from the average consumer is taking effect in under 10 minutes. It's also easily soluble in drinks with a pH of 3-4, perfect in tea with a squeeze of lemon or your favorite carbonated drinks.

Welcome to the LAB™ Where science meets nature

The process of refining our extracts comes with a decade of experimental science and heavy investments in technology. For example, the mitragynine purity levels coming from the LAB™ are tests performed with extremely sensitive Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Instruments (NMR), capable of providing highly accurate readings on a molecular level. NMR readings can detect the purity level in a single Mitragyine molecule.

Ultimately, as the science continues to pave the way for better processing and refinement options, extracts are becoming more available and easily achievable—meaning—better pricing and better products.

A decade of innovating at the LAB™

We started with Mother Nature, then sprinkled in a little science. 20 years later, it’s  taken on a life of its own

As™ continues leading the way in extract innovations, the efforts are pioneering new and improved methods for testing purity levels and maintaining consistency in quality control measures with Kratom extracts. In the short term, this means better extracts products and pricing for consumers and in the long run, these efforts effectively raise quality control standards across the entire industry. Learn more here about two of our latest kratom extract—available for vendor purchase soon!™ explores new farming and production opportunities in Africa, opening the doors to new partnerships in 2021 and beyond. is moving forward with one of our largest ventures yet. We've purchased 300 acres in Africa and in 2021, we'll be planting 1.2 million trees with a propagation program targeting high-mitragynine producing trees. If all goes as expected, our first harvest is scheduled for October 2021. This entirely new venture is as much about supporting our partner vendors as is it a long-term vision that serves our goals as a measured contribution for the future of Kratom's sustainability project.™ expands with new opportunities for Kratom vendors, farmers and processors—working together to harvest responsibly.

For the past 19 years, has been operating quietly behind the scenes, helping our partners perfect their trades. But for obvious reasons, we've decided it's time for change. Many of you know, the industry has changed since we first introduced commercial Kratom to the world 20 years ago. Unfortunately, change isn't always good. The future of this amazing plant means everything to us, therefore, we believe it's time that we change, too. As always, the mission will remain that of impeccable quality. However, we've decided that the time is now to step out and advocate for higher safety standards on all levels within the Kratom industry. We're partnering with new vendors who are seeking bold new alternatives to Kratom farming, harvesting and processing—with a giant focus on safety.

Pioneering sustainability through environmentally conscious Kratom farming efforts

Borneo suffers from drastic deforestation as a result of Palm Oil production and logging. We are one of the very few companies in Borneo to be planting trees. Kratom can be - and should be - a healthy, sustainable industry. Unfortunately, too many companies are destroying wild grown Kratom trees, by cutting them down to strip the leaves and then selling the timber—destroying the entire tree, rather than harvesting the leaves and allowing the tree to reproduce the following year. Sustainability is critical for a healthy future. We're looking for partners (at all levels) who value responsible growing and harvesting practices. we're opening our doors to new partners who are like-minded. Reach out—let's talk about the future. We are here to help our partners build long-lasting resource relationships and smart investments—far into the future with

A new purpose, but with the same mission—a safer industry

What's behind the new website,
and why is rebranding important?

When we sat down with our marketing team to discuss how we should position as we move forward with a new, refined-mission in mind, we knew we had to develop a website presence that offered value to both our Vendor Partners, and their customers—but with with a strong stance on quality and safety in massive online consumer-centric market.

The world-wide web has made online-shopping like something out of the wild-west. Anybody can put up a website (an online 'billboard') and literally say and offer anything they want—good or bad. Unfortunately, the consumer often ends up the victim to dishonest, pricing and/or false product claims or representations. Kratom is easily one of the quickest growing markets with a large population of bandits falsifying information and pawning off poor quality products—in some cases, products that are 'cut' with fillers or simply falsely represented.

We felt obligated to make a difference—but knew that doing so would require an entirely different focus. We knew that our efforts would require a tangible presence and a unique partnership with our vendors. A complete rebranding effort that validated our purpose for new vendors moving forward. But most importantly, we felt that we needed to step up and present usable tools and solutions for vendors to convey their efforts clearly as well.

We hope you find our new site helpful. Please pardon the dust as we continue building it out. Kratom is going to be around many years from now and even though we've been in and around it for the past 20 years, we're still learning new things everyday. If you're a vendor, we can only hope that you find the information on this site to be both educational and supportive in your business endeavors.

As always, we appreciate your feed-back and suggestions if you see something that seems concerning or wrong.

For those of you who are a bit adventurous, we're working on an a new section for both consumers and vendors to add your stories and post guest articles. Also, coming down the line in the near future on will be a forum where vendors can ask questions and share tips and advice with others in the family.

As for now—into the future and best wishes.
—The Kratom Team | 2021

The relentless pursuit of precision takes an unwavering dedication to the smallest details—join the team and perfect the commercial Kratom model above the consumers expectations—together! 

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Vendors Program Partnership

Vendor Inquiries Welcome!

Vendors welcome! Apologies in advance - there's a lot underway here at As a vendor/partner you'll have the opportunity to choose from 7 different Vendor Programs—our goal is to make sure you're fit with the right program to meet you needs—and grow your business.

Coming soon: Vendor Locator Map, Vendor Branding and Marketing tools, online visibility opportunities through our Kratom forum and Meet the Vendors section (all a work in progress)—but coming soon! click the button below and tell us a bit about you—let's talk! 

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