Take a quick job down memory lane.

Fun, yes—but but it takes some serious
recognitionto climb to the top of any industry!

Above all else, it takes a passion to do the right thing.

We started passing on free kratom samples around the globe between 2001 and 2003. Our first two creations “name brands” are arguably the most recognized in the world; Maeng Da and Bali Premium—they proved to be an instant success, by 2003/’04 Kratom started to appear on the Internet with a handful of vendors selling for us. 

After living in Indonesia for more that 35 years, and being involved in the ecological and exploration of the worlds third largest island, Duncan knew they were on to something quite unique, untapped and potentially huge. In 2001 kratom.com was formed. 

We quickly realized that sales support involved more than just providing fine products -- it meant standing behind them firmly, as expected of any manufacturer! From the very beginning, Kratom.com, we’ve taken great pride in the companies and partners we represent. It is our policy to answer every phone call and e-mail; provide quick turnaround (usually within 24 hours) For the next 20 years, Kratom.com focused on taking care of their partners whilst continually investing and innovating kratom’s potential with extracts In 2014, kratom.com produced the first 45% full spectrum extract. In 2015, the kratom.com LAB was producing extracts at an 80% purity level. While in the last couple years, the LAB has successful cracked the 95% barrier with an extract that measures at 100% Mitragynine PURE (to be safe, we good with saying it’s 99.9% PURE ;). 

As of this past year, the LAB has pioneered the first solvent-free Salt-Based kratom extract that is soluble in drinks with a 3-4 Ph—hello tea-toddlers! The taste is refined considerably from the past solvent based extracts. The purity levels attained are 20% to 35% higher and the reaction time (as tested by users) is often under 10 minutes (20 minutes faster response rate than kratom powder and solvent based extracts of past years. 

 As the times have changed and the growth of Kratom suppliers and producers are running to keep pace with new customers, we hold fast to our earliest principles—taking care of the people we work with—and for. We want the kratom experience to be fun and above all else, safe.  

Over “X” countries charted “For over thirty-five  years my life has revolved around Borneo and the jungle, I even have a lizard I discovered named after me “Veranus Macraei” the blue dragon. Over the years in business my travels have brought in contact with many great opportunities, but perhaps non quite as interesting as that of which is now the Kratom market. We’re just barely scratching the surface with the potential of Mitragynia Speciosa (Kratom), much of the innovating we’re currently pioneering at the LAB won’t reach the market and realize it’s full potential for several years out. Exciting time are just around the corner for all of us—including every facet in sales and the health and wellness market. 

We hope you’ll join us in this big adventure—distributor and Retailer Inquiries are always welcome! 

We’re here to help you build your business Call us toll free xxx-xxxx-xxxxor
email us at info@kratom.com or simply fill out a contact form & we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Yours Truly, here's to the future!
—Duncan Macrae

Take a quick jog down memory lane

Over the past 20 years, Kratom.com has successfully reached every innovation benchmark that it set out to achieve. Our focus has always been on the future. Kratom powder became our introduction into a global market—today, we still provide the same genuine RAW powders that we first coined and introduced two decades ago. As we soon realized, the future wasn't about the powder, it was about extracting the magic within—the Alkaloids. Mitragynine. As we turn the page, tomorrow is wide open to new vendors with a vision for what's to come. The power of extracts allows us to open new doors in the health and medical arena, as well as, provide high-potency, concentrated mixable solutions to large scale edibles and drinkables manufactures with powerful brand awareness.


The Discovery
Duncan Macrae discovers kratom trees growing in Borneo, Indonesia. First samples are sent out to hand sellected ethnobotanical suppliers in the U.S.

Commercial Kratom starts to appear online in the United States among a small network of partner suppliers.

2004 - 2010

Commercial Katom goes global
Kratom.com, founder of commercial kratom extends markets to U.K., and Canada. Suppliers, Distributors and Vendors start to see rapid growth.


Product quality declines
Internet sells start to see aggressive growth fueling dramatic pricing wars and mass declines in product quality control and little to no safety measure in place. Kratom becomes both a concern and a target for the FDA .


Kratom.com LAB™ Focuses on Extracts
Kratom.com embarks on a project to produce the highest quality kratom extracts and isolates for the industry. Finances and R&D resources are focused on leading innovation, while new sights are set on "Food Grade" quality extracts.


LAB™ Achieves 45% Mitragynine Purity with Full Spectrum Kratom Extract
Kratom.com develops unique method for extracting only the pure whole alkaloid fraction from RAW kratom leaf—another first in the industry. Instant success is realized with a new 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Extract.

The future looks bright
Liquid Extracts become a hit with the market and an instant success with numerous large liquid kratom shot manufacturers using our material as a starting base.


80% Mitragynine Purity Achieved
Kratom.com, continues innovating both powder and liquid extracts reaching a new and untapped purity level of 80%  Mitragynine - while sealing their place in the industry as the top quality extract producer.


90%+ Purity Achieved
In early 2019, Kratom.com breaks through the 90% Mitragynine purity level with a 95% Mitragynine Pure Alkaloid Extract.

99% Purity Achieved
By the end of 2019, Kratom.com, against all odds, tests and records the highest ever purity yield at 99.7% 


New Innovations at the LAB™—Salt based extract opens the doors to better price points
Kratom.com turns kratom extract production on it’s head yet again with the launch of a new process using food-safe solvents which results in zero residual solvents and increased purity across it’s full line of products. Industry first 65% salt-based extract which dissolves completely in carbonated beverages and ice tea!


Welcome— if you haven’t heard of Kratom.com please take a deeper dive here. If you're a new vendor to kratom.com, you're in luck. We’re opening the doors wider to new vendors in 2021, than we ever have before.


You've landed on the name that started it all—20 years ago

Please pardon the mess. As you'll learn below, kratom.com is embarking on a new mission that we hope you'll find encouraging as either a vendor and/or a individual consumer. Part of our new efforts include simplifying online transactions, interactions and most importantly—industry transparency.

A Game Changer
In 2021, kratom.com will be rolling out a new vendor program that we believe can be a game-changer for both vendors and consumers, alike. We hope you'll take a serious look. We think you'll agree; it's high-time our industry stands behind product consistency and standardized quality control measures that aim at (ensuring) accountability to both its vendors and consumers.

Campaign for 2021—Transparency + Consumer Safety
The reality is—if you're a vendor who isn't located in Indonesia, you have no choice but to purchase your kratom products directly from an overseas supplier, or second-hand, from an importer or distributor who likely has never met his foreign (constitute/supplier). Either way, it's a risky venture for both the vendor and the end customer. If you're new to the business and have never visited the farmers and suppliers of Indonesia, now might be a good time to take a quick study here: "The Imaginary Supplier." (what you don't know, can hurt you/the hidden dangers of kratom)

Impeccable Quality Starts at the Seed
Kratom.com isn't just another (nameless, faceless) Indonesian supplier—we're the guys that got it all started. When you order products from us, you're not only buying from a company that supplies or exports kratom, your partnering with a company that handles every step of the process from seed to delivery. We don't just work with the locals, we're headquartered in Indonesia—we are the locals. From farm to factory, to lab, to delivery—we handle it all—quality control, dialed in, at every level (of the process),

Your Success is Ours
We put our name behind every package sent out to our worldwide distributors. Rule #1: Always fresh. #2: Quality and ingredient transparency on every batch processed. #3: Top-level customer service. #4: Test—and test again!

Future of Kratom is in Your Hands
Since the beginning, our focus has always been producing the finest quality kratom in the world—now, we're rolling our experience and knowledge into the future. Several years ago, we engineered the first extracts that exceed the 50% Mitragynine threshold (as high as 75%). Last year (?), we were successful in reaching the highest Mitragynine levels yet with upwards of 95-99% purity—another first! This year, we're introducing the industry to the first-ever salt-based extracts that yield 15-35% (?) higher in mitragynine purity (?) and unlike solvent-based extracts - are water-soluble - a giant leap for the consumables industry and aftermarket supplement manufactures.

Timing is Everything (rough copy)
(copy needed here about extract / the future of Kratom) ("...and as we will continue to always provide and support new and existing vendors with the highest quality RAW powder products, we're eagerly looking forward to turning a new page in a 20 year old chapter. (As extracts become more and more affordable/technology allows for greater innovations and easier transitions into consumable products, the doors are opening wider and wider for entry into this emerging market—which we believe to be the future of Kratom. Join Kratom.com and become an early player (vendors and distribution partners welcome). We've reached a critical turning point with innovations at kratom.com where we're capable of producing extracts that yield 95% and above in Mitrgynine Purity and are also water soluable—allowing manufactures to mix / food grade powders and liquids with virtually any consumable —liquid or solid.

It's Your Turn to Make History

If you're interested in becoming a vendor, please click here and tell us a little bit about yourself. Vendors who become part of the kratom.com family brand have an opportunity like no other; check it out here. (maybe talk here about taking care of vendors beyond any other vendor or affiliate program on the market; we handle your packaging, deliveries, orders, shipping—even your marketing.

We’ve been committed to many of the same partners over the years, some of which were among our first vendors when Duncan introduced Kratom to the U.S., Uk, and Canada—nearly 20 years ago. (For more on the history of commercial kratom, go here). We look forward to partnering with you, the future is in your hands.


(Consumer Promise/Safety intro)

Please pardon the mess. As you'll learn below, kratom.com is embarking on a new mission that we hope you'll find encouraging as either a vendor and/or a individual consumer. Part of our new efforts include simplifying online transactions, interactions and most importantly—industry transparency.

Why is Kratom.com Adding Direct to Consumer Shopping?

(Need Refining) 
First, it’s important to know that we will always encourage and direct consumers to our partner vendors who are located closest to them (details further down).

Over the past 20 years, Kratom.com has focused the majority of its efforts on serving its vendor and distribution partners in tandem with a stead-fast devotion to quality control and product innovation.

However, over the last decade, we have all seen the commercial kratom industry deteriorate due to the lack of regulations and the mass influx of vendors who bare only profit at heart.

Join us, it's Time to Take a Stance
We aim to do all that we can to bring the quality standards and product transparency back to their early beginnings when we introduced kratom to the first online vendors in the U.S. UK and Canada.

In doing so, we've committed to providing direct to consumer purchases on kratom.com, while also working hard across our partner-supplier channels and vendor markets to raise the bar on product expectations and quality control measures.

Find a Qualified Vendor Anywhere in the World
Along with investing in an online platform that enables closer vendor and partner interaction and service capabilities, we aim to provide consumers with direct access to our preferred vendors (both online and at retail locations) based on their region (proximity). See sample "Vendor Locator Map"

As new customers come to kratom.com to purchase products, we’ll direct them to the new world-wide kratom.com Vendor Locator Map where they can source out safe vendors online and/or support local, kratom.com certified vendor/retailers within their local regions. Vendors: Please make sure that your contact info, shipping address, retail address, phone numbers, and web addresses are complete and up-to-date.

New Vendors/Distributors/Partners
IMORTANT: please be sure to provide up to date contact info and if you’re not interested in placement on our consumer search map, be sure to check the "No Map" option if you prefer to remain unlisted.

Our Promise
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